I'm no Super(wo)man..

Celebrating Zoo Lover’s Day

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Happy Zoo Lover’s Day! Since the London Zoological Gardens were established in 1828, zoos have been a place to marvel at some of the most fascinating wild animals in the world, all in one place. Many zoos, however, have developed broader and more ambitious goals around education and conservation, engaging visitors in deeper ways with the issues that animals and their habitats may face in the wild.

Hello Shello!

Sitting on my couch with my wee MacBook Air - feeling like a rockstar! Whoop Whoop! Ok - Douchebag alert right there!

I just got gifted a MacBook Air and Hello Shello! Its soo frigging cool! I’m just so glad that I now have no excuses to apply for a better job or have spelling errors on my blog or just not be up-to-date with the news. 

Anyhow, so leaving that aside - I have some really random shizzle going on in my head. And in no particular order of randomness:

1. My trainer at the gym had me in fits today. For starters, she keeps telling me that she is so lucky to have me as a client cause I’m awesome like that - Im wondering now if there is any truth to this now. But hello! I now have ma very own guns. I’m like a strong woman (you’re now aware that you should not mess with me. EVER.)! So, anyway - made me do some crazy weight training today - heavy weight squats and some other shizzle and then said ‘This could be your alternative career! You could be a power lifer!’ LOLOLOL!!! Apparently, I have great technique! It had me laughing for a good while - still a lil hysterical about it. 

2. Emma Watson - the Harry Potter chic, whats with the whiteness?!?!??!? Is she giving that Twilight woman a run for her career? So much powder going on there? 

3. A six pack in one year is not difficult to achieve. Its on my list of things to do for the next year, InshaAllah! Mostly because 6 months would mean I live like a soldier. And if I live like a soldier, I’d be thrown out of my house and currently - I have no place to stay except here and NOT much money left on me just now!

4. Last year June, I’d decided I’d invest in a zoo. 8.5 months down - I have managed to get a few animals - a light skinned bear , a long armed giraffe, a talking gorilla and an elongated tummy hippopotamus! Lubly jubly! I think I’d like to add a lion and/or an elephant next.

5. Is it possible to be so sad about something - you start getting hyper about everything? I have recently been introduced to hysterical laughter that follows nervousness!

I think 5 is a good number for now. 

I’m runnin’ away!

I’ve always joked about being a cold blooded emotionless person because my hands and feet are always cold. I sometimes feel like maybe I am emotionless and at other times, I feel like maybe I should start being indifferent and distant and just mind my own life. I’m not sure what the expectations are - rather, I’m not sure what I want to be doing!

I do know this one thing - everyone always feels like their troubles are bigger than everyone else’s! Sometimes when I’m waiting for my folks to pick me after work and I look at people walking in and out of the building - it seems like everyone has a thunderstorm inside them and they’re all still trying to make a move on. All those smiles - how much of it is real and how many are truly happy?

I also know that I want to run off to a really cold place. I want to freeze. I want to be numb. I want to run and then run some more and then run some more. I want cold winds to hit me in the face. I just want to run away to far away!